Saturday, December 25, 2010

dusty . musty . nasty .

phuhh..phuhh..ughhh3..hacuuumm..erghhh, coughing and sneezing till death will all the dusty in my blog .. huhu

seems like it takes a lot of abrution works to make it like a 10 stars hotel . I feel like entering the spooky house with all webs everywhere and RATS chasing each other like in an amusement park . and maybe I'm entering the crumbling evil witch tower that would make me trapped for the whole of my life . ouhhh NOOO !! hopefully there will be a very dashing prince to help me out . hahahaha .

STOP it !! all the very gigantic illustration izzati !! ko egt ni cite fairytale snow white kejadah tuh ke .? we're now in modern era okaih . no need an evil witch lr . enough with mak tiri . wahahaha . dah mcm cinderella lr plak . tp ta maen lr labu, aku maen limo . wohaa ! ta maen lr glass heels . kasi lr supra ke, sneakers cun2, sng sket nak lari . haha .

frankly, there are no specific motif to force my fingers typing all those absurd words . juz to give hint that i'm still alive . haha . alhamdulillah . i noe that my blog is quite outdated, but i never force u to 'pay a visit' here . it's mine not yours . hahaha . anyway, a biggie thanks to all my followers, without expectations . haha . truthfully, i'm not that kind of people that given such a 'fast fingers', *i'm not that slow in typing, to writing . frankly, i hate essay cz i feel like my heartbeat stop beating, my blood stop flowing when it comes to essay . haha . scary huhh ? so I need life machine to live life . wohaa !

and even sometimes i felt bored and abhor with my own story . always feel like just wasting my time typing without any direction . haha . but, it also can be a joke . haha . see, it takes nearly an hour to just type all these simple and out of sense story . haha . izzati is always wasting her time doing nonsense things . haihhh .

*sumpa nak guling bating dode dode baca blek . hahaha . mampus lr . who cares ? its mine not yours . so back off . off you go . haha . shuhhh2 . actually an, aku lbih suka cakap dari taip . feeling ta sampai lr menaip ni . hahaha . till now, daaa~ <3

ehhh . lpe plak . assalamualaikum semua !!*penat batuk sampai lupa,ngee

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